Unsupervised Learning of Visual Taxonomies
icon As more images and categories become available, organizing them becomes crucial. We present a novel statistical method for organizing a collection of images into a tree-shaped hierarchy. The method employs a non-parametric Bayesian model and is completely unsupervised. Each image is associated with a path through a tree. Similar images share initial segments of their paths and therefore have a smaller distance from each other. Each internal node in the hierarchy represents information that is common to images whose paths pass through that node, thus providing a compact image representation. Our experiments show that a disorganized collection of images will be organized into an intuitive taxonomy. Furthermore, we find that the taxonomy allows good image categorization and, in this respect, is superior to the popular LDA model.

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Evgeniy Bart, Ian Porteous, Pietro Perona, and Max Welling. Unsupervised learning of visual taxonomies. In CVPR. 2008.

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