Extracting Global Structure from Gene Expression Profiles
Charless Fowlkes, Qun Shan, Serge Belongie, Jitendra Malik
icon We have developed a program, GENECUT, for analysing datasets from gene expression profiling. GENECUT is based on a pairwise clustering method known as Normalized Cut [Shi and Malik, 1997]. GENECUT extracts global structures by progressively partitioning datasets into well-balanced groups, performing an intuitive k-way partitioning at each stage in contrast to commonly used 2-way partitioning schemes. By making use of the Nyström approximation, it is possible to perform clustering on very large genomic datasets.

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Charless Fowlkes, Qun Shan, Serge Belongie, and Jitendra Malik. Extracting global structure from gene expression profiles. In Methods of Microarray Data Analysis II. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.

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