The Open World of Micro-Videos
icon Micro-videos are six-second videos popular on social media networks with several unique properties. Firstly, because of the authoring process, they contain significantly more diversity and narrative structure than existing collections of video “snippets”. Secondly, because they are often captured by hand-held mobile cameras, they contain specialized viewpoints including third-person, egocentric, and self-facing views seldom seen in traditional produced video. Thirdly, due to to their continuous production and publication on social networks, aggregate microvideo content contains interesting open-world dynamics that reflects the temporal evolution of tag topics. These aspects make micro-videos an appealing well of visual data for developing large-scale models for video understanding. We analyze a novel dataset of 260 thousand microvideos labeled with 58 thousand tags. To analyze this data, we introduce viewpoint-specific and temporally-evolving models for video understanding, defined over state-of-the-art motion and deep visual features. We conclude that our dataset opens up new research opportunities for large-scale video analysis, novel viewpoints, and open-world dynamics.

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Phuc Nguyen, Grégory Rogez, Charless C. Fowlkes, and Deva Ramanan. The open world of micro-videos. BigVision Workshop, 2016.

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