Tracking Objects with Higher Order Interactions using Delayed Column Generation
icon We study the problem of multi-target tracking and data association in video. We formulate this in terms of selecting a subset of high-quality tracks subject to the constraint that no pair of selected tracks is associated with a common detection (of an object). This objective is equivalent to the classic NP-hard problem of finding a maximum-weight set packing (MWSP) where tracks correspond to sets and is made further difficult since the number of candidate tracks grows exponentially in the number of detections. We present a relaxation of this combinatorial problem that uses a column generation formulation where the pricing problem is solved via dynamic programming to efficiently explore the space of tracks. We employ row generation to tighten the bound in such a way as to preserve efficient inference in the pricing problem. We show the practical utility of this algorithm for tracking problems in natural and biological video datasets.

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Shaofei Wang, Steffen Wolf, Charless Fowlkes, and Julian Yarkony. Tracking objects with higher order interactions using delayed column generation. In IEEE Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. 2017.

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